4 thoughts on “2012 Yamaha Super Tenere – Owner Rating”

  1. I bought my 2012 Tenere new was never in love w the power delivery. It was a nice efficient machine but never loved the package. Then I rode a water cooled BMWGS couldn’t wait to sell the Yamaha. I already had had a couple air cooled GS Beemers,the new one was just a superior package . My friend that bought the Tenere is happy with it and has had no problems other than of his own making. But that’s another story . RW

  2. I put over 34,000 miles on my 2012 Super Tenere. The 2012-2013 Super Tenere’s are slightly hindered by power restrictions in the first 3 gears. This is easily cured with an ECU reflash and it transforms the bike as far as performance. I found it to be the most comfortable sport touring bike I have ever owned. There is a bit of clutch “chudder” around 3200 RPM that can be a bit annoying. I retrofitted my bike with Ohlins suspension, which provided a very good ride and handling.

    I now have a 2014 Super Tenere ES and it is a refined version of a very good bike. Unlike other manufacturers that I am familiar with, Yamaha listens to feedback from customers and takes steps to improve the breed. It seems that every suggestion that owners have expressed on the Super Tenere forum and a few that weren’t thought of were implemented. A new clutch basket cures the “chudder”. The performance of the 14 is much better and I have not felt the need for a reflash. I am happier with the ES suspension that I was with my Ohlins on my 2012 model. The electronic cruise is excellent. I have been riding for 49 years and my 2014 Super Tenere ES is by far the best bike I have ever owned.

  3. I bought Brick’s 2012 with a little less than 65,000 miles on the clock last July. I’ve replaced the CCT( I’d suggest reading about this issue on the Tenere forum), the rear break disc ,added a Madstad screen Givi bags and Denali driving lights. I’ve clocked a little over 4,000 miles. It replaced my Suzuki DL 650. I like it a lot. I still take the Goldwing on long trips but it serves me well. The clutch is a little touchy and the on off throttle response rather abrupt. I had to work at riding it smoothly. It took some time, but I’ve got her down pat now. I’m glad I bought it.

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