Memories: It’s been a great ride—Why I am a member of MSTA

Note: Walter renewed this year and left us this note on his membership form…

Walter R, Meier Jr. | Nebraska

Gentlemen and Ladies,

It’s been a great ride! It all started at Aspencade in 1986 at Hot Springs, Arkansas. Brad and Cinda Mobley left a note on my V-65 Sabre to visit with them about this new club. I did and here I am 27 years later. I’ve made a few friends along the way: Dana Sawyer, Moose Parish, Brad and Cinda, Elbert Silbaugh, Don Clark, Lynn Weas, Jimmy Garton, who could forget Webb “Eldon” Rix and Janet Chuculate, Linda and Jim Vance, Mike Steger and more. I don’t make STARs anymore, but my heart is there.

Walter R. Meier Jr.

2014 Jean Monacelli Award

Beth Hemstreet | Colorado

The Jean Monacelli Award is presented to a special lady each year in honor of her dedication and passion for traveling by motorcycle and her many contributions to our beloved Motorcycle Sport Touring Association. Many of our current MSTA members never had an opportunity to know Jean. Jean Monacelli was an avid rider and on many occasions she would be the oldest female rider at (previously HSTA) events and gatherings. It seems that at one point she served as the State Director of California, or maybe it was the Co-State Director position. Regardless, many stories have been told through the years about Jean including the time she fell and broke her leg on the way to a pre-STAR get together in 1991. She was taken to the hospital, treated, and then afterwards came to the event anyway. Rumor has it that she insisted that the doctors put her leg in a cast in a bent position so she could still ride and shift gears. Moose introduced Jean Monacelli as the very first “Our Lady of the HSTA” recipient at STAR, back in 1997. Sadly, Jean passed away within a year of that event. From that point on, the “Our Lady of HSTA” award has been known as the “Jean Monacelli Award” which we have continued to present at STAR, year after year.

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Rapid City — What a Star !

John Button | California

rcws_01I’m back from the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (MSTA) Sport Touring Association Rendezvous (STAR) event in Rapid City, SD traveling from June 4th to 16th 2014. The trip report is below.

Immediately after STAR 2014 was announced, I knew I’d be making the trip. No internal debates, discussions with others or vacillation on my part! It has been more than 15 years since I last visited South Dakota. That visit was for Sturgis–the event, not the town. My focus during that three day visit was on certain “activities” in town. This time, I was determined to maximize the fantastic riding to be had in this area. While I’m naturally prone to engage in moto-trips that are limited in planning and big on make-it-up-as-you-go adventure creativity, this time, with many miles, limited time, and Central Coast member Les Katz traveling along with me, it seemed best to assemble A Plan. My usual approach to route planning involves (too?) many mapping tools, Internet hotel finder sites, and numerous file imports/exports between Google Maps, Garmin’s multiple software products and my GPS. Given that I wanted to share the planning with my riding partner (an important ingredient to maintain long-term riding friends), doing all the planning in sharable Google Maps seemed wise. But, alas, many limitations were encountered.

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Will this be her last ride?

Chuck Hofkamp | Colorado

South Dakota is the home of Mount Rushmore, Deadwood and the gold rush, roaming buffalo herds, the sacred lands of the Sioux Nation, and it is where I grew up. The STAR 2014 rally was not only the yearly therapy for my haggard life; it was a chance to go home. Like many of us, I am dependant on my two wheel vehicles to give me life. It is the chance for perspective, reflection and contemplation. As my bike and I blend into that Zen experience that only real riders are blessed to feel, the world becomes whole again and I am rejuvenated. I cannot tell you the anticipation that I had since the location of the Star 2014 rally was announced. The world moved into balance and my eyes were set forward to peace and harmony. I knew deep in my soul that the gods had smiled on me!

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First Ride at STAR 2014

Don Moe | Florida Newsletter Editor

frstar2014_01Since only eleven members from Florida attended STAR 2014 this year, I thought I would share some photos from one of my rides there. Due to the rainy weather over the first weekend of STAR in Rapid City, the first opportunity for riding in the Black Hills during good weather came on Monday, June 9th. The adjacent map shows the route through the Black Hills and Custer State Park, including the Needles Highway.

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