Joe Johnston

This column is to honor the State Directors whose drive and personality improves the quality of life of their state MSTA members.

joe_johnstonThis month, STAReview magazine features Joe Johnston, Asst. State Director of Texas.

STAReview magazine (SRM): What prompted you to join the MSTA and how long have you been a member?

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California Dreaming…

By Dave Edinger | Texas

In mid-November, when most of the country was suffering under a harsh and early winter, my wife, Missy, was working within walking distance of the beach in Southern California. So, I looked at the weather and the map and left Austin, Texas on my Ducati ST3S and headed west. Normally we all avoid long trips on the highway, but I-10 has a speed limit of 80 mph and very little traffic to negotiate. The long wide roads allow the rider (yours truly) to enjoy the gradual unfolding of the landscape from the highs and lows of the Texas Hill Country to the relatively flat but subtle differences in terrain of the deserts of New Mexico, Arizona and California.

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Just Say No!

Doug Westly | Safety Editor

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ultimately, the safety of motorcycle riders and their passengers is their own responsibility. Nothing presented in the column supersedes, negates or relieves a motorcyclist and/or passenger from assumption of personal responsibility for their actions and safety.

On a recent, bright, sunny Sunday morning, Becky and I met up with a group of riders for a morning breakfast ride. We were looking forward to meeting with a couple of our friends, and have a pleasant ride to a morning meal spot.

We were the first ones at the meet-up location, and as we waited the bikes started rolling in. The ride planner had told us to expect about 8 bikes or so. When the number went past 10, I started to take note of who was showing up. We recognized about half of them, and the other half were complete unknowns. This group rode higher performance sport bikes. I saw one or two with one-piece race suits but the other riders wore way less protection. Not the ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) philosophy you would expect from riders of these motorcycles. While it is not necessary to adhere to ATGATT, it gave me pause to evaluate the group’s riding mentality.

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Event Previews – Just For Fun Events – 3402

Pedro Gregorio | Feature Editor

Return to Paso Robles V

DATE: Friday (4/17/15) to Sunday (4/19/15)

LOCATION: Paso Robles, CA

LODGING: Melody Ranch Motel
939 Spring St.
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Said to be built on the site where Jesse James
and his brother Frank stayed in hiding from the
law for two years. The Melody Ranch motel is
centrally located to wineries, vineyards, pubs,
restaurants and backroads in every direction!

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Event Previews – MSTA Sanctioned Events – 3402

TwiSTAR (Swan Song?)

This will be the last TwiSTAR organized by
Larry and Ray, so this will either be the last
opportunity to attend a TwiSTAR or an opportunity
to become the new TwiSTAR organizer.

DATE: Friday (5/15/14) – Sunday (5/17/14)

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Entry Apex Exit Points – 3402

Nick Zarras | STAReview Managing Editor

Many of us ride for years without incident. And it seems like as a whole the percentage of accidents involving MSTA riders is much lower than what I see reported on the television among the general populous. Let’s look at one such major accident locally and see how it differs from how we ride. It was a seven motorcycle accident on a two lane highway in midday. The weather was somewhat overcast, around 50 degrees. The road was dry. The following data is preliminary but sufficient for using it as an example. The first motorcyclist pair passed on both sides of a large tall vehicle then slowed down. The second set of bikes passed the same way and the third set passed the same way along with one final motorcyclist. The second and third pair and last single motorcyclists collided with the other bikes in the group. It can only be surmised that the trailing motorcycles lost sight of how close the first pair of bikes were from the large tall vehicle and misjudged their closure speed as they passed the large vehicle. The last single motorcyclist saw the closure speed and bailed off their bike and that bike ran into an obstruction. So why did this group of seven riders crash where most MSTA group rides end without incident?

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