Brick Rides the Alps 2015 12 Hours to lift off

Well I’m all set boarding pass is printed I’ve check-in. Delta says I’m ready to fly! I know I am! Just went to bed and thought of two things I needed to do. One was to try to find where to post the “more” like I said in my first post. I did add a comment as I thought that’s where I continued the blog. Jay our WebMaster says no just do a new post. I guess I wonder how it is supposed to be linked to the first post? If anyone knows… well let me know. I might be able to check this during one of the waiting times that there is when flying.

I’m off to Munich!

MSTA Classifieds: A full featured classified ads system

We now have a full featured classified ads system on the MSTA website. Do you have motorcycle related items laying around the garage that you don’t use? Don’t throw it away, let someone else give it the love it deserves and make some cash to boot!

Ads will run for 30 days and can be renewed if your item does not sell. The system notifies you by email when someone inquires about your ad. You also have the ability to modify your ad if you need to change something after it is posted.

As a buyer, you can browse or search ads in several different ways. You can also inquire about ads through the classified ads system. This is a much more user friendly experience than posting ads in the forum.

The direct link to the classified ads section is: You can also get there by clicking on the classifieds link in the top menu bar at Let’s sell and buy some stuff!

Brick Rides the Alps July 2015

Well I thought I would give this a try. I’ve never blogged, is that a word? Anyway here goes.

Since before I started riding I read and heard about riding in the Alps. Yes, those Alps the ones in Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy! One day in like February this year I was saying something about my desire to Ride the Alps. So Patricia says, “You should go before you can’t”.  I say, OK… let the planning start. I wanted to see if I could afford to do this. I never wanted to do a guided tour I just wanted to go Ride the Alps. The more I looked the more I realized I could do this.

So then in April I’m almost set to start making reservations I had set it up for a 10 day ride. Patricia says to me, “What’s the most expensive part of your trip?” The airplane ticket, I say. The she says, “Well then you should stay longer”! Who are you and what did you do with my Patricia? So now it’s a 20 day trip. I fly into Munich, Germany and rent a bike and start my ride on July 1st with my friend Chris Jernigan.

More later….

MSTA STAReview Issue 3404 Available for Download!

STAReview Issue 3404 – Download Now!

STAReview3404CoverNick Zarras, Managing Editor, on the Triumph Tiger 800 XCx on Lake Shore Drive, Lake
Mead National Recreation Area. Photo by Jeremie Elliot.

In This Issue:
3 2015 Fools Run Ride Report5 View From The Top
5 VP Views
6 Entry-Apex-Exit Points
7 National Event Calendar
8 Event Previews
9 Around the MSTA
14 North Georgia Classic
16 Safety Strategies
17 State Director Profile: Gregg Mitchell
18 Ride Group Sign-up System
19 Make the Weather Work for You
21 Member Profile: Clay Gott
23 Road Test: 2015 Triumph Tiger 800 XCx
26 The Trip to the End of the Road
26 Product Review: AEROstich Tool Roll
27 Spring Training for Riders
28 Product Review: AEROstich Arm and Leg Window Pockets
29 Eighteen Years in the Making
32 MSTA 2014 Financials
36 Mail Pouch Fly-By Pre-Registration Form
37 Safe Money: 2005 Yamaha FJR
38 STAR ’15 Raffle Bike Ticket Order Form
39 STAR ’15 Registration Form
40 MSTA Membership Form
41 Road Test Quick Look: 2015 Yamaha FJR 1300 ES

STAReview Issue 3404 – Download Now!

STAReview back issues are available here: