What is MSTA?

The Motorcycle Sport Touring Association was founded in 1982 and is a chartered club of the AMA. The primary purpose of the club is to bring together riders whose focus is motorcycle sport touring, regardless of the type or brand of motorcycle.

The emphasis of our association is making friends, learning more about our sport, and making our motorcycle trips/rides more pleasant and meaningful. We promote excellence and safety in the enjoyment of motorcycle sport touring and are always trying to learn to be better, safer riders. We enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

In this association you will find all types of riders and all types of bikes….dirt, street, sport, cruisers, vintage, dual sport, and racing.

We are RIDERS! We like to RIDE. If hitting up bars and posing is your thing, we probably are not for you. But if you like travel via motorcycle, like riding twisty roads, like exploring new areas and making new friends, we offer….

Great Riders! Great Roads!……Join Us!


*** MSTA By-Laws ***

STAR (Sport Touring Association Rendezvous)

is our annual National Event. There are numerous regional events throughout the year but STAR is the single national (actually international as we have some members outside the USA) event. STAR alternates among east, mid and western locations and is always located in an area with great riding. It’s about the RIDE!


Promoting excellence and safety in the enjoyment of motorcycle sport touring. STAReview is published and mailed to members 6 times per year. STAReview is available online from this site. We welcome articles for both the printed STAReview and for this website from members and guests. If you would like to contribute content to this website please email webmaster@ridemsta.com and request permission to post your article.

STAReviewSubmission Guidelines

MS Word documents, raw text files, 300dpi (or larger) .tif, .eps or .jpg photo files. If using a digital camera, be certain to use highest photo quality setting (largest file size). DO NOT embed/place photos in Word documents. Separate, original .tif, .eps or .jpg photo files are required.


Webmaster:  Bob Chappuis – webmaster@ridemsta.com

Great Riders. Great Roads. Join Us!