Amzer Crüsta Telephone Hardcase Protection and Carrying Harness (THPCH)

Nicky Zarras | Managing Editor

amzer_01Amzer was created in 2003 to market “inspired by real life” products. The test product is a hardened cell phone hard case with a tempered glass screen protector, embedded tempered glass hard shell case, textured finish TPR ring ( outside protective cover) and belt clip holster with a 360 degree rotatable belt clip. “Inspired by real life” probably means how many times I have dropped my cell phone. The Crüsta system has four protective layers, can survive a six foot drop and has built in dust ports for the ear phone jack and the power jack. It comes in 42 Color combinations from basic black to stylish color choices to satisfy adults or kids of any age. The holster can stand up your phone in landscape mode. A snap on case with kickstand is available that allows a portrait mode view when out of the holster. The screen protector and side button protectors allows a nice touch feel to control the functions of your phone. The screen protector gives you HD clarity. So you have high grade protection and improved touch control. The sturdy belt clip is suitable for casual or business casual.

amzer_02Their phone protection series covers 10 phone products like my Samsung S5 and iPhone 5/6. Their product line supports 34 brands. There is a wide assortment of wallet and sport armband cases. They also market cables, cases, chargers, cradles, headsets, gloves, screen protectors, styli pens and vehicle mounts. This is a high quality product to protect your 600 dollar phone from the normal drops that occur in life. The cases run $45 MSRP. Their contact information is web: and Email:

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