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Lowering the FJR

Will England | Kansas

loweringfjrLast Spring my wife and I bought a 2006 Yamaha FJR. I’m not unfamiliar with large heavy supersport touring bikes, having ridden over 50,000 miles on an ST1100, a BMW K1100LT and a ZG1000 Concours before that. However, my wife, Nikki, at 130 pounds and 5’4” has but 2,000 miles under her belt. The FJR has a stock seat height of over 31” even on the lowest setting. We removed the bracket under the seat, gaining us half an inch, but Nikki was still on her toe tips balancing the bike. After research on, we found several options for lowering the bike including Soupy’s Lowering Links. (

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Nicky Zarras | Managing Editor

Having grown up in snow country it was always uncomfortable using wipers in colder adverse weather. New technology has improved that some but the one outlying factor is they are still cold. We can use a defroster to assist the wiper operation but there was always something missing. At the SEMA show I came across this great product from a company called Thermalblade ( Their products are made in in the USA and they sell UN-heated and heated wiper blades to all forms of motor vehicles from cars, buses, motor carriers and farm vehicles. The one that caught my attention was the THERMALBALDE Heated Silicone Safety Wiper Gen 2 Blade.

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Presta Products

Nicky Zarras | Managing Editor

Presta Products are primarily a professional vehicle paint preparation and restoration product line. I came across them at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their catalog has an impressive line of pre-paint preparation, buffing, polishes, headlight restoration, washes, waxes, degreasers, dressings, glass cleaners and all the pads needed to use to restore and maintain a brilliant finish on your pride and joy.

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Mtech Adventure Motorcycle Protective Jacket (Black) and Pants Waterproof

Nicky Zarras | Managing Editor

Jacket liner
Jacket liner

A new motorcycle riding apparel product line, Mtech, has made it into the United States. Mtech was founded in 2001 as an offshoot of MASTOTTO, the European leader in leather processing and production. Mtech markets an adventure series jacket and pants. It is their most successful line. It is very handsomely styled with Italian design style influence. It has 12 pockets, seven of which are waterproof. The water proof membrane and removable quilted jacket make it a very versatile suit. It comes in a gray, black and blue pattern design and the all black design which I tested. This is a very high quality unit.

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Rain Coat Water Repellant

John Boyd | Ohio

Problem is I can’t see! Rain smearing my face shield is beyond irritating–it’s dangerous! I keep my face shield clean, but it doesn’t seem to help when the rain starts. The smallest speck of “bug guts,” dust, or other debris serve as catch points for water and a face shield that is almost impossible to see through. Several years ago a friend recommended Raincoat Water Repellent from MotoSolutions (

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Seal Mate

Tosh Konya | Ohio

Just before STAR, I noticed the left side fork seal on my NT700V was leaking oil. Not wanting to take the fork completely off the bike and disassemble it, I found an inexpensive tool (around $5) called the “Seal Mate” so decided to give it a try. It is cut from thin (0.27 mm), flexible material and the idea is to insert it between the fork seal and the fork tube, then go around the tube a few times and re-move. It is directional so the hook end should be leading. The theory is that the Seal Mate will push any debris ahead of it and the hook will extract that crud when the tool is re-moved. It worked great and that fork is still dry some 4000+ miles since that time. (editor’s note: I have also had good luck with the Seal Mate. I used it to remove sand from a friend’s fork seals after a get-off at a track day, thus saving his weekend. The Seal Mate is thinner and more flexible than a credit card, and safer than a thin knife blade.)