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Touring Tip: Helmet Check

James T. Parks | Contributing Editor

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has noted that DOT-compliant helmet use by riders is on the increase, even in states without universal helmet laws. And you probably already know, full-face DOT-approved motorcycle helmets are the single most important component of protective gear for saving your life in a crash. Short of surviving a crash, though, how do you know that your helmet will be up to the task? Proper helmet care and timely replacement are key factors for ensuring that your helmet will be there for you, if and when it’s needed.

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Doug Westly | Safety EditorDoug Westly | Safety Editor

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ultimately, the safety of motorcycle riders and their passengers is their own responsibility. Nothing presented in the column supersedes, negates or relieves a motorcyclist and/or passenger from assumption of personal responsibility for their actions and safety.


When you first started to ride, chances are you didn’t think much about how you were connected to the wheels of your motorcycle. You knew there were forks up front and a shock or shocks in the back, and that they helped smooth out the ride. Then as you became a more experienced rider, maybe you began to appreciate these bike components. However, have you ever taken the time to really consider the part your motorcycle’s suspension plays in the dynamics of riding, and what it means to your safety?

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Doug Westly | Safety Editor

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ultimately, the safety of motorcycle riders and their passengers is their own responsibility. Nothing presented in the column supersedes, negates or relieves a motorcyclist and/or passenger from assumption of personal responsibility for their actions and safety.

TRACTION! We talk about it all the time. You’ve probably groaned before over the number of times I’ve referred to it in these articles. But…have you ever stopped to think what it really is, what it means to you as a motorcyclist, and how to go about maximizing it under different riding conditions?

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