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Geoffrey Greene – Secretary and Ride for Kids Coordinator – BMW F650GS

My #1 bike is a BMW F650GS (single). I chose it because it reportedly got outstanding fuel economy (it does), was reasonably comfortable (it is), and being a big dual sport/small adventure bike, would take me places that none of my other bikes would go while still carrying me across the country as required. It put a smile on my face when I got it, and five years later, I’m still smiling.

Dianne Park – MSTA PR Director – Ninja 1000 ABS

I chose my Ninja 1000 ABS primarily because it is one of the few sport touring bikes that has the capability of being lowered enough so that I can reach the ground! It was first lowered as much as possible, but we have raised it UP a couple of times, getting much closer to original manufacturers specs! It feels so light weight and it is um … quick! Just put the first 1000 miles on, and I LOVE it!!! And it has ABS and traction control! So far it seems like a wonderful solution for “short” riders!