Entry-Apex-Exit Points – 3403

Nick Zarras | STAReview Managing Editor

For me, highway driving can be more dangerous than intercity driving, even though many of the statistics may differ. The highway has denser merge lanes with larger differential merge speeds. That can lead to bad situations in all road/weather conditions. There was a bike accident where a driver tried to swerve out of the way of another car who stopped unexpectedly in front of him. The first car clipped the car in front and spun to a stop. A motorcyclist, in the lane he spun into, did not have sufficient room to stop. I had the same motor vehicle hit and spin situation in front of me that week but gladly I had no problem. Could allowing some more room between the motorcyclist and the normal highway vehicle in front have helped? When I ride I leave more space in front of me than when I drive my car. Leaving more space provides me a better view of possible vehicles merging uncourteously into my lane. The rule says maintain a minimum of two seconds following distance from the vehicle in front of you. On the highway it is difficult to maintain that with other vehicles constantly merging in. But that extra “breathing space” has proven to leave me more air to breathe at the end of the day.

This issue features an interview with Richard Giddish, East Tennessee State Director. This month’s Member Profile is Florida’s Jim Park. Safe Money is Pedro Gregorio’s 2008 Triumph Speed Triple. The Road Test is a tale of two motorcycles; the 2014 BMW R nineT, a motorcycle for the naked bike crowd and the Rizoma custom BMW 2014 R nineT a perfect bike for the British Ace Café crowd. Our Safety Editor extraordinaire, Doug Westly, educates us on the effects of “Windchill.” The Road Test – Quick Look features the 2014 Triumph Street Triple as a tribute to some of our troops in Afghanistan. STAReview Magazine has two product tests this month. The first is the Amzer hard case that provides water and crash protection for your Smartphone while enhancing tactile feel. The second is the Midland BT NeXt communication headset that provides intercom and one mile communication while you ride. Membership corner is back with our new membership director Michael Tissandier (membership@ridemsta.com). Welcome aboard Michael.

STAReview Magazine is not only news but cherished memories. Jim Park’s photo archives are a treasure of great rides, reaching back 34 years. Check it out on www.ridemsta.com.

As you saw in STAReview magazine 3402, a member provided a product test. You can submit product tests, stories and events for STAReview. Send me your “Word” documents and high resolution photos as attachments to an e-mail. All photos in high quality portrait mode are considered for cover photos. Showcase your treasured 2011-2015 motorcycle (Sweet Rides) or 2010 or older motorcycle (Safe Money). I will provide you full editorial support. The digital STAReview articles have hyperlinks to link you to websites for travel planning information, motorcycle and accessories to lust over. I want YOU to be the star in STAReview! So kick back with a cool one and enjoy this issue of STAReview Magazine.

Ride Safe my friend…
Clear skies, clear roads…

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