Florida News – May 2015

South Directors Report

Hey, If You Don’t Try It….

Photos by Jim Park
Photos by Jim Park

flmay201545 flmay201546 flmay201547We had another great month of Florida events!! The Central RTE went to Country Angels Restaurant in Polk City! I heard good things, and you’ll read all about a little later!!

We followed that up with a special event that tied into the world class Barrett-Jackson auction held at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach. The plan was to enjoy the event at your own pace, meet up for lunch and then kick some more tires!!

We had four of us meet up for breakfast, hit the gates just after they opened and took in the event 1-2-3!! I decided to sign up for the free thrill ride in the new generation 5 Dodge Viper – long wait, but a real kick in the ass!! By the time I jumped out of the seat, our group had had their fill and departed.

I was lucky enough to meet up with the Real Men of Port Charlotte inside the auction hall!! They had decided to make a weekend of it, staying at the Roland Martin Fish Camp in Clewiston. You know, where we had a damp lunch ride a while back!! That turned out to be a great scouting trip for them, which made the auction weekend a no-brainer!! Timing is everything, and they were just about done with the car show, and so they made their way home after the lunch plans fizzled away in the heat of the day. I met up with my significant other for lunch, as planned, and enjoyed another 3 hours of nostalgia bliss!! What a collection of vehicles!! And the acres of auto and lifestyle products and services to peruse made for a full day!!

So… We tried something different, with modest success. We’ll keep trying to expand the “concept lunch” in the future to create a little “added value” for our members.

What’s Next??

For May, we have the last of our lunch rides until October!! As this will be the last opportunity to ride for a few hours to enjoy a fine meal and each other’s company, we have a picked some spots a little further down the road!! On May 9th, the Central Ride will be at Coyote Rojo 2 Mexican Restaurant in Groveland. The following weekend, May 16th, join the South Lunch Ride at Waldo’s at the Driftwood Resort, in Vero Beach, FL!! I recently took some friends here for dinner and had a GREAT time! They have ocean side seating, rustic appeal, and just the right amount of funky-ness!!

Later in the month, look to join your friends at the MSTA TriSTAR ride in North Carolina over the Memorial Weekend of May 23-25th. If you can’t make the out-of-state trip, make your way to the Riding Into History motorcycle show in St. Augustine on May23rd. This is a world class, judged event with motorcycles from 1900’s through today!! And set your DVR to your CBS Sports Network channel to catch the delayed coverage of the new MOTO AMERICA/AMA RACING series!! They have two races in May!! So far so good for them!

We are always looking for unique lunch spots for the next few months. As long as they can handle 10-20 riders at once, we want to hear from you!! AND know this: we are looking for members to share anything that interests them with the rest of the gang!! Favorite roads traveled recently; travel photos; why your ride is the best; what your first ride was; recent training you’ve completed and your “a-ha” moment; best advice you’ve ever heard about motorcycling; new gear purchases; new parts, farkles, accessories that everybody else should know about; promote your motorcycle biz or product that we all should know about… You get the idea, so, send your idea to me and we’ll see what/where/when we can enjoy your presentation!! The more the merrier!! Don’t worry about how long you need to entertain us! Two minutes or twenty, it won’t matter! If we could do this at every ride….

We are in the final stages of scheduling all of the 2015 lunch/brunch rides. The dates and places are posted through May. The rest of the dates-only are posted through November, so you’ll be able to mark your calendars and be sure to line up those pesky “honey dos” around the reality of what’s really important….

Membership News

I’ll have our MSTA Invitation To Ride quad-folds at our next events. We are in the midst of the transition of Membership Directors for a month or two, so we will be slightly behind in our reporting of new members and renewal prompts. We welcome Michael Tissandier aboard and offer many thanks to Choon Gan for his years of volunteer service updating and streamlining our membership rolls!! Well done to you both!!

We should have some news early in May, so I’ll send a separate email with the latest info as soon as possible!!

As a heads up to all, be sure to forward any new email addresses or changes to our BRAND NEW MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR, Michael Tissandier!! membership@ridemsta.com. He then forwards the info to the various State Directors, VP’s, and EC, as well as our newsletter editor.

Random Ramblings!

STAR is almost here!! Be sure to register, get your room arrangements settled, and make you plans to scrub some rubber off the SIDES of your squared-off Florida tires!!!

You know that you earn $5 STARBUCKs for each new member you recruit to the MSTA, right?!? You can use them for MSTA products, event registrations, membership renewals, etc. BE SURE TO GET YOUR SUPPLY OF OUR N E W ITRs (Invitation to Ride) quad-folds at our next RTE, or email me and I’ll send some along to you!!!

Be sure to check our National site for the latest schedule of sanctioned events for 2015. I count ten, including STAR. That doesn’t include the “Just For Fun” events that will pop up during the year!! We have sooo many opportunities to ride with our club!!

Ride well! Ride often! Do it safely!!

MSTA Florida State Co-Director

Central Director’s Report 

On Sat. April 11th, 14 riders attended our Polk City lunch ride including a couple of new faces – Mark Del Pico & Chuck Anoff from Sarasota. A few of the guys said they enjoyed the “Twisties Through Central Florida Countryside” ride as suggested on motorcycleroads.com.

We’ll finish up the lunch-ride season on Sat. May 9th in Groveland at the Coyote Rojo 2 Mexican Restaurant at 12pm. The address is 214 W. Broad St., Groveland, 34736. Also from motorcycleroads.com is the Green Swamp Tour that passes through town. It’s described as having lots of twisties (for Florida), rural riding, & little traffic…


Teresa Vipond
DeLand, FL
MSTA Florida State Co-Director

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