Jim Park

MSTA Member Jim Park
MSTA Member Jim Park

Hometown/State? I was born and raised in Madison, Indiana and moved to Florida in 1970. I currently reside, with my wife Dianne, in West Palm Beach, Florida.

What was your first motorcycle? Mine was a 1969 Bridgestone 350 GTR.

Current motorcycle(s)? I own a 2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer

What is your all-time favorite motorcycle? That would be my 2004 and 2008 Honda ST1300A. I put nearly 250,000 miles on the two bikes.

How long have you been riding? I started riding in 1969, stopped for 26 years, then took up riding along with my wife in 1995.

When did you join the MSTA? I joined the club in March, 2004.

How did you hear about the MSTA? In 2004 I purchased my first Honda ST1300. I wanted to meet with riders that were riding the ST. I searched the web and found the Florida HSTA site, set up by long time member Bill Royal. I met the group at a Ride-To-Eat in Frostproof, FL. I liked the people I met and have been a member of the club ever since.

Who or what was your biggest influence in motorcycling? That would be the short lived TV series, “Then Came Bronson,” broadcast on NBC in the late 1960’s. Each week the program would start with the star, Michael Parks, riding his Harley-Davidson Sportster on the Pacific Coast Highway. I wanted to do that someday…and I did!

Where are your favorite places to ride? Any road in northeast Georgia or western North Carolina works for me.

Describe a memorable motorcycle adventure? That would be our 2005 Four Country Tour, with RoadRunner Magazine, through the Alps. My wife and I spent ten days touring Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy with a group of like-minded riders.

What is the best motorcycle advice or tip learned through the years? Ride within your limits. Don’t get swept up into trying to keep up with the other guy(s).

What turns you on about motorcycles or riding? Just about everything; the freedom, the thrill of a series of sweepers ridden well, the call of the open road.

What do you get out of your MSTA membership? I am becoming less and less of a “group” type of rider. MSTA allows one the freedom to ride with as few or as many people as one wishes to. There is no pressure to join a big group ride.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of motorcycling? I like photography, hiking, and cycling.

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