Joe Johnston

This column is to honor the State Directors whose drive and personality improves the quality of life of their state MSTA members.

joe_johnstonThis month, STAReview magazine features Joe Johnston, Asst. State Director of Texas.

STAReview magazine (SRM): What prompted you to join the MSTA and how long have you been a member?

Joe: I have been a member since 2003 when the organization was still the HSTA. I heard about the Hill Country Rally and decided to attend. It was a great rally and I met several avid motorcyclists there.

SRM: Tell me about your first bike? What motorcycle do you ride to events now?

Joe: I grew up riding a Honda Mini-Trail, then a Hodaka Ace. My first street bike was a 1974 Yamaha TX500. Now I typically ride my 2002 Honda Blackbird (CBR 1100XX) to “sporty” events.

SRM: How long were you a member before you became a State Director and what prompted you to volunteer for the position?

Joe: I was a member for over ten years before becoming an officer of the club. There was a change of officers in the Texas chapter and I just felt it was my time to try and give back after years of watching others volunteer.

SRM: What were your goals for your state once you became a State Director?

Joe: I have been an officer for only a month, so no goals have been accomplished. I want to increase communication between our area members to generate more motorcycling activities in general. One big event each year in Texas just doesn’t seem to be enough.

SRM: What does it take to be a State Director in respect to time and effort?

Joe: Again, I am new to the job! My goal is to organize at least one activity monthly. To plan and communicate this to area members takes several hours of my time.

SRM: What do you find to be the best way the members can help the State Director?

Joe: Communicate with the officers of the club what it is you want from the club, what activities you want to see happen, ideas for area rides or events, what you can do to help keep current members involved and attract new members. This is a great club with lots of great motorcyclists. There are more of “us” out there looking for a great club to be a part of.

SRM: What is one of your best memories as a State Director?

Joe: Too early to tell. I have enjoyed meeting members I didn’t know before. I look forward to putting some events together and hopefully generating some enthusiasm from others in the group.

SRM: What one recommendation can you make to MSTA members who are thinking of becoming a State Director, Assistant Director or Co-Director?

Joe: Even if you don’t want to be an officer of the MSTA, be willing to share your thoughts and ideas as to how we can make the club better.

All of us at STAReview magazine and MSTA would like to thank Texas Asst. State Director Joe Johnston and his fellow Texas MSTA member staff for all their efforts at making Texas a great place to ride.


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