MSTA By-Laws

Ratified and Amended By Member Vote on July 1, 2009

1. NAME– The name of this organization shall be the “Motorcycle Sport Touring Association” hereafter also referred to as “MSTA” or the Association.

2. LOCATION – Membership records are kept by the Membership Director. The Association’s checking account and financial records are maintained by the Treasurer. The national headquarters is wherever the current president resides.

3. TYPE – The association was founded by Dana Sawyer and is chartered with the State of South Carolina. It was incorporated by the Secretary of State (South Carolina) on November 17, 1982. The Association operates as an I.R.S. Code Sec. 501 © 7 (not for profit organization).

4. PURPOSE – The organization exists for the purpose of providing mutual assistance and fellowship to motorcycle enthusiasts of all brands and types of motorcycles.

5. INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY – Members are required to sign or electronically sign the release on the membership application and on the renewal form. Included in the application and renewal are liability releases and statements certifying that the member is in compliance with his/her state laws regarding the carrying of motorcycle insurance. Attendees of AMA sanctioned national and regional events will also be required to sign the AMA liability release statement. “Electronic” submission of any forms is to be considered as ‘Electronically Signed”.

6. OFFICERS – The Association’s Officers include the Executive Committee (E.C.) and National Officers. The purpose of the E.C. and National Officers is to support and promote the Association and motorcycle sport touring.

7. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – The Executive Committee (E.C.) may include any national officers, as defined in section 8 of this document. All members of the E.C. are required to be members of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). The E.C. is the decision making body of the Association. All members of the E.C. (except the President) are appointed by the President upon the simple majority approval of the existing E.C. members. Terms of all officers are for two years, renewable on the basis of satisfactory performance. The President is elected for a two year term upon a majority vote by the existing E.C. At the time of appointment, the President must have been a MSTA member for at least one year, must currently be a member of the E.C., a national officer or a State Director for the last six months, must have attended at least one National STAR within the last three years and must be an AMA member. The President may be removed from office by the E.C. with a simple majority vote. Reports of resignation intentions must be given to the E.C. in writing. It is the sole responsibility of the E.C. to inform the general membership of changes in the President’s office. Officers may serve up to three consecutive two year terms. This limitation may be waived by a simple majority vote of the E.C. Termination authority for all officers’ rests with the President upon the advice and consent of the E.C. All E.C. members report to the President on a regular basis. All E.C. officers shall present an annual report at the annual E.C. meeting. All E.C. Officers will contribute to the STAReview as necessary or at the request of the President. Each E.C. officer who has expenses shall provide budget information to the President upon request. E.C. members may (and are encouraged to) have others assist them in their responsibilities. Assistants do not have E.C. voting privileges. It is the responsibility of the E.C. officers to communicate any appropriate national level correspondence to any members that may be assisting them. There will be at least one E.C. meeting a year and each E.C. member shall make every attempt to attend the annual E.C. meeting.

8. NATIONAL OFFICERS – The National Officers include the holders of all MSTA Executive Committee and National Staff positions that are listed in the current edition of the MSTA Blue Book. All National Officers are appointed by the President upon the majority approval of the E.C. Terms of all officers are for two years, renewable on the basis of satisfactory performance. Officers may serve up to three consecutive two year terms. This limitation may be waived by a majority vote of the E.C. Termination authority for all officers’ rests with the President, upon the advice and consent of a majority vote of the E.C.

9. STATE/AREA DIRECTORS – State/Area Directors are appointed by the Vice President upon the advice of the President and at least one EC officer. They are responsible for serving as points of contact, information and assistance for members and for assisting members in publicizing/promoting the Association within their particular state or area.

10. ANNUAL MEETING – The annual business meeting is conducted in conjunction with the National STAR (Sport Touring Association Rendezvous). The date, time and agenda will be publicized in advance in the STAReview issue which is received by members at least one month prior to the annual National STAR.

11. MEMBERSHIP VOTING – Items of business and By-Law changes deemed by the President or the E.C. to require a vote of the membership will be published in the newsletter along with a ballot. Ballots will be collected and tallied by the Treasurer. A valid membership vote must, at a minimum, consist of receipt of at least a 25% return of qualified ballots from the membership eligible to vote at the date of balloting. A simple majority of written votes cast by mail and / or other means as approved by the E.C. and received within a pre-determined number of days will determine the decision.

12. MEMBERSHIP – A membership fee is assessed annually, subject to renewal as indicated on the membership card. Memberships are for one year (twelve full months) following the date of initial application processing, with similar periods for renewal. Discounts are available for multiple-year renewals. Membership in the MSTA is open to all motorcycle enthusiasts. The following classifications of memberships are offered:

Regular Membership – all motorcycle enthusiasts regardless of brand or model they prefer. Full benefits: voting rights, right to hold office, membership card, pin, sticker, and STAReview magazine, Blue Book, member’s state newsletter and the privilege to attend all functions.

Member of Household – spouse, family member or riding partner living at the same address of a regular member. Same benefits as a regular member but no Blue Book, no STAReview, and no State newsletter.

Dealer Member – same benefits as a regular member plus special mention in the Blue Book. Sustaining Member – any member wishing to support the Association above the normal membership level. All regular member benefits, plus a 10% discount on all products and registration fees at STAR and all regional events, silver membership card, special recognition in the Blue Book, a MSTA gift certificate and the STAReview mailed 1st class postage.

Merchant Member – any national motorcycling-related merchant wishing to support the Association’s mission and members. Regular member benefits plus advertising in the STAReview and the Blue Book.

Life Member – same benefits as a Sustaining Member plus gold membership card and a special shirt. The E.C. may add and / or delete membership classifications and benefits as deemed necessary for the advancement of the association and / or its members.

13. USE OF FUNDS – There are no salaried officers. All funds are used to provide for the member’s benefits to which they are entitled. Normal operating expenses of the EC will be paid from the treasury as funds are available upon presentation of adequate documentation to the Treasurer. Official telephone calls and postage incurred by the EC will be paid from the treasury as funds are available, upon presentation of adequate documentation to the Treasurer. State/Area Directors mailing printed materials (newsletters) will be reimbursed for the cost of printing (or copying) and postage upon presentation of a copy of the printed material and a bill to the Treasurer up to a limit of 24 mailings (including 12 newsletters) to their constituents during a calendar year. All profits from the sale of merchandise will go into the national treasury. All profits from regional and national STARs will be transferred to the national treasury within two weeks of completion of such event. All equipment purchased with MSTA funds are the property of the Association. The EC holds stewardship for the continuity of the Association and the protection of its tangible and intangible property. Accounts shall have more than one signature or access authority and include at least one E.C. member; this applies to website presence and forums as well as financial accounts, wherever MSTA funds are transacted.

The Treasurer is responsible for all of the association’s financial transactions and is reviewed bi-yearly by the President and Vice President. All money collected in the associations name, membership fees, event fees, charitable collections etc. are to be forwarded immediately to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will forward a check to the charity for which the money was collected.

14. FINANCIAL STATEMENT – An annual financial statement will be published in the STAReview.

15. INSIGNIA – The association’s MSTA logo, the name (Motorcycle Sport Touring Association), the magazine name (STAReview) and the acronym STAR (Sport Touring Association Rendezvous) are the property of the association. They are for official use only and may not be used for any other purpose. Their use on items for resale to members must be approved by the E.C.

16. STAR – The National STAR (Sport Touring Association Rendezvous) will be held annually. The use of the STAR acronym to promote national events (STAR) and regional events (such as NESTAR, EASTAR, WESTAR, etc.) will be permitted only for events covered by appropriate liability insurance. Regional STARs will not be held within 21 days of the National STAR.

17. MEMBERSHIP LIST – The list of members printed in the Blue Book or the STAReview is not to be used for solicitation or other purposes without written permission from the President and Vice President.

18. REPRESENTATION – No one is authorized to represent themselves as an agent of this Association except insofar as this is confirmed in the newsletter and/or letters sent over the President’s signature.

19. BY-LAW CHANGES – The By-Laws shall be published annually in the STAReview. Any member can propose an amendment to the By-Laws. Proposed amendments shall be submitted to the President. Proposed amendments that do not comply with the IRS code Sec 501-7 will not be processed. Amendments to the By-Laws may, or may not, require approval and a vote of the membership as defined in Section 11 herein.

20. DISSOLUTION – In the event of dissolution of the Association, all assets after outstanding bills are paid shall be transferred to a qualifying charity. This by-law paragraph is irrevocable

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