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2014 Triumph Street Triple

Nick Zarras | Managing Editor

(L-R) Samuel Gasperin de Dios, Bradly Moore, Richard Acosta
(L-R) Samuel Gasperin de Dios, Bradly Moore, Richard Acosta

I have a longtime friend, Richard Acosta, MSgt, USAF Ret., who is now a Maintenance Analyst military contractor. I presided over his last re-enlistment ceremony at Nellis AFB, NV. Recently he said he has two friends, SSgt Samuel Gasperin de Dios, 455 ELRS and Bradly Moore a military contractor Maintenance Analyst, who both showed an interest in the Triumph Street Triple. All three are working at Bagram AB, Afghanistan. Richard knows I conduct road tests and he asked for my opinion. So I am dedicating this Quick Look Road Test to them. This test covers the 2014-2013 Street Triple as it is the same model.

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2014 BMW R nineT and 2014 Rizoma R nineT

Nick Zarras | Managing Editor

Nick and the stock R nineT at Lake Mead
Nick and the stock R nineT at Lake Mead

BMW had a 15.2% increase in sales last year with a record of 123,000 motorcycles sold worldwide. They added new motorcycle models and increased their target market coverage. One key addition was the BMW R nineT. The BMW air cooled boxer engine has been upgraded for the R 1200 GS, the R 1200 RT and the R 1200 R. But this air/oil cooled boxer engine is still very viable in its present configuration. The low center of gravity provides great stability in winds and the air/oil cooled system is a simple, proven design. So why use this for the BMW R nineT? Simplicity, low weight and a proven platform form the basis for this new format “naked” bike. There has been a resurgence of nostalgia for aesthetics of retro-designs. But going out and finding an older bike and restoring it can be a long painstaking process which could cost more than a new bike. So BMW created the retro-design R nineT, featuring simplicity of design, modern reliability and handling, a bike that attracts due to its pure styling. You can have your old school to look at and new school to live with. The best of both worlds.

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Felix, the 2014 Yamaha FJR 1300 ES

Norm Kern | Ohio

I enjoyed my ‘03 Honda ST1300 for 7 years and over 100k miles, but I wanted a bike that was lighter, with more air flow in hot weather, better suspension and cruise control. I rode most of the sport-touring and even some adventure bikes last fall. I was shocked that the clear winner of my comparison was an inline four, which has been my least favorite configuration over the years.

On January 30th, I took delivery of a 2014 Yamaha FJR 1300 ES motorcycle. I named him ‘Felix’ after Felix the Cat, a popular cartoon character from my youth. Felix the Cat had a round head, big eyes and a big smile. The front of the fairing on Felix the FJR has a similar round shape and the relatively large headlights look like eyes. One difference- the big smile is on the face of the rider rather than Felix himself!

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TriSTAR 2014

Joe “Iguana” Thomas | North Carolina State Director

In 2014, TriSTAR was again located in Sparta, NC at the Alleghany Inn. Named for the fact it is located in close proximity to both Tennessee and Virginia, the MSTA sanctioned event is also the only event outside of STAR which lasts for three days, and is scheduled for a holiday weekend (Memorial Day).

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T-26 Rally 2014

Denise Dickenson | Oklahoma State Director

It’s amazing what the difference a week makes in the weather at a rally located at the Hub in Marble Falls, Arkansas. Just last year (2013) there was even a record breaking late spring snow the first weekend followed by wonderful weather the next. This year it wasn’t quite as drastic but for this rider it reminded me that I needed to be better prepared even if it meant carrying my entire 3-piece Cortech set of luggage.

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