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Entry-Apex-Exit Points – 3401

Nick Zarras | STAReview Managing EditorNick Zarras | STAReview Managing Editor

Chill-in out. For most of us it is getting on the motorcycle in open countryside and letting the flow take you. Little traffic and a load of bikes in front of you set the stage for a lovely backdrop memory for the day. But chill-in out also states you are relaxed or in the zone. For a new rider on a new bike being relaxed tends not to be the norm. It comes with training, confidence and letting your body set the speed you are comfortable with. When I did a MAP (Member Assistance Program) I always checked behind to insure my speed was in the comfort zone for my new rider. The new rider must know to relax. More rigidity in the arms prevents the bike from turning effortlessly. It also counters your body position inputs. Tightness in the bars in a turn can result in straightening your line and not making the turn. Zen is one term used when you find yourself with a clear mind while riding. You have a rhythm going and find yourself traveling at a much higher speed in the turns than you normally would for your focus is just on technique, and the road ahead. You have cleared your mind of all of your daily worries, cell phone interruptions, your breathing is calm, and you are letting the zone determine your speed. To have an enjoyable day on the road, focus on becoming one with the bike and one with the spirit of your environment.

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Just For Fun Events – 3401

Pedro Gregorio
Pedro Gregorio

Pedro Gregorio | Feature Editor

Big Ben Dirt Bike Ride
February 22nd (Sunday) to March 1st (Sunday), 2015
Location: Roger’s Place, 150 Goat Track Trail, Terlingua, TX
Lodging: Plenty of dry camping and motels Group breakfast and dinners at campsite. Long Draw Pizza Wed. Feb. 25th at 5:00 pm. Bikes must be street legal. Always LOTS OF FUN so come anytime. If you get lost just ask for Roger’s place, everyone knows it.
Event Coordinator: Eldon Rix or Janet Chuculate
Phone: 918-864-0960 or 918-864-9026

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View from the top – 3401

Dennis Villarose - MSTA PresidentDennis Villarose | MSTA President

All of us who attended and worked the AIMExpo felt it was well worth the investment and time. A “Thank You” to Paul Van Steelant for organizing the Florida team to work the booth and to the EC and National staff members for making the 4 days a success. Some numbers from the event, 501 exhibitors, 18,145 total attendance, 11,123 consumers, 3,068 dealer/industry professionals, 3,713 exhibitors & staff, and 241 media. Our organization is known to a lot more people in the motorcycle industry, as a result of attending this show.

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