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Around the MSTA – 3403

Mike Jundt | State Newsletter Editor

North Central Region
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January’s meeting with guest speaker Bill Carr

Bill Carr
Bill Carr

Squadron members Chris and Diane Hancock made the trek up from Evansville to the north side of Indy to give us a training session on Garmin’s much maligned Basecamp. With any new software, the learning curve can be steep but Chris’s hands on session helped some of us over the hurdle. Thanks to the Morgans for supplying the classroom and arranging for a pizza delivery.

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Event Previews – 3403

Pedro Gregorio | Feature Editor


STAR 2015
As of this writing there are currently 230 people registered for STAR 2015. To encourage group travel and contact prior to STAR, Harry Hemstreet put together a list of registrants sorted
by state, a great idea: http://www.planetreg.com/msta/staratt03-21-15.htm.

If you’ve never ridden in Arkansas and are wondering why those of us who have rave about it, check out this promotional website of Arkansas Motorcycling listing 21 different rides around the state. I’ve ridden a few of these roads and still talk about them to anyone who will listen: http://www.arkansas.com/outdoors/motorcycling.

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Entry-Apex-Exit Points – 3403

Nick Zarras | STAReview Managing Editor

For me, highway driving can be more dangerous than intercity driving, even though many of the statistics may differ. The highway has denser merge lanes with larger differential merge speeds. That can lead to bad situations in all road/weather conditions. There was a bike accident where a driver tried to swerve out of the way of another car who stopped unexpectedly in front of him. The first car clipped the car in front and spun to a stop. A motorcyclist, in the lane he spun into, did not have sufficient room to stop. I had the same motor vehicle hit and spin situation in front of me that week but gladly I had no problem. Could allowing some more room between the motorcyclist and the normal highway vehicle in front have helped? When I ride I leave more space in front of me than when I drive my car. Leaving more space provides me a better view of possible vehicles merging uncourteously into my lane. The rule says maintain a minimum of two seconds following distance from the vehicle in front of you. On the highway it is difficult to maintain that with other vehicles constantly merging in. But that extra “breathing space” has proven to leave me more air to breathe at the end of the day.

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VP Views – 3403

Ann Redner | MSTA Vice President

Work on the new Gearbox is progressing, but not without challenges. While making earnest efforts to offer quality merchandise at low cost to you, Our current challenge is finding a simple, credit card based online storefront with extremely low monthly fees, such as …FREE? Okay, probably too much to ask, but we’d LOVE to find a solution costing somewhere between FREE and $10 per month. Do you have an idea? If so, please contact Gearbox Boss, Carol Freshour at c2freshour@gmail.com. Many thanks.

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View From The Top – 3403

Dennis Villarose | MSTA President

By the time you read this, you should have received your 2015 Blue Book. Another great job by Choon Gan, but Choon has decided to step down from the Membership Director position. He has given us four solid years as director, and now has been promoted to member status. Thank You Choon for your service, it’s been a pleasure working with you on the EC. Stepping up to fill the position is Michael Tissandier from California. Choon and Mike have been working together the last few months, which helped make the transition seamless.

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