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Brick in Munich & and Jet Lag

imageWell Chris and I are here in Munich. My flight was fine but very uncomfortable! I can not imagine how anyone larger than me could ever spend that much time in those miniature seats! I always thought I wouldn’t have Jet Lag. Well I’m here to tell you it sure made things rough on me this trip. The advice give was to push through and don’t go to sleep until the evening.

image image image

Well we got in around 7:30am so it was a long day

Munich is a cool place! We are staying in an older hotel that is on the edge of the old Munich area and its jumping with activity. We investigated the train station for this mornings train ride to Landshut to Maier Honda Yamaha to pickup our rental bikes. The in the evening we went to see the night life. It’s a hoping place for sure.

Well off to breakfast and a train ride.