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State director profile – Nicky Zarras

This column is to honor the State Directors whose drive and personality improves the quality of life of their state MSTA members.

nicky_zarrasThis month STAReview magazine feature’s Nevada’s State Director Nick Zarras.

STAReview Magazine (SRM): What prompted you to join the MSTA and how long have you been in a member?

Zarras: I was hunting around the web sites and came upon the HSTA forum run off the micapeak.com site. It provided a casual spot to talk to like-minded motorcyclist. I was impressed with their knowledge and also the commentary was dignified. Not the media hype type of topics and language found on some forums. In the summer of 2007 I wrote an article for STAReview titled “Riding Disabled.” In January 2008 I was recruited to become an Editor at Large, which at my then 264-pound weight I was eminently qualified for. I have now trimmed down to 208 pounds. I became a Feature Editor in February 2008. In May 2012 I became Managing Editor.

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Texas Southeast Assistant State Director Leigh Anderson

Nicky Zarras | Managing Editor

This column is to honor the State Directors whose drive and personality improves the quality of life of their state MSTA members.

STAReview magazine (SRM): What prompted you to join the MSTA
and how long have you been a member?
Answer: I joined in 2011 at the Texas Hill Country Rally. Friends invited me to the rally, and MSTA membership was a side benefit. Over the years I found I liked the MSTA people and events in my region.

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Dianne Park – MSTA PR Director – Ninja 1000 ABS

I chose my Ninja 1000 ABS primarily because it is one of the few sport touring bikes that has the capability of being lowered enough so that I can reach the ground! It was first lowered as much as possible, but we have raised it UP a couple of times, getting much closer to original manufacturers specs! It feels so light weight and it is um … quick! Just put the first 1000 miles on, and I LOVE it!!! And it has ABS and traction control! So far it seems like a wonderful solution for “short” riders!