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Brick Rides the Alps July 2015

Well I thought I would give this a try. I’ve never blogged, is that a word? Anyway here goes.

Since before I started riding I read and heard about riding in the Alps. Yes, those Alps the ones in Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy! One day in like February this year I was saying something about my desire to Ride the Alps. So Patricia says, “You should go before you can’t”.  I say, OK… let the planning start. I wanted to see if I could afford to do this. I never wanted to do a guided tour I just wanted to go Ride the Alps. The more I looked the more I realized I could do this.

So then in April I’m almost set to start making reservations I had set it up for a 10 day ride. Patricia says to me, “What’s the most expensive part of your trip?” The airplane ticket, I say. The she says, “Well then you should stay longer”! Who are you and what did you do with my Patricia? So now it’s a 20 day trip. I fly into Munich, Germany and rent a bike and start my ride on July 1st with my friend Chris Jernigan.

More later….

Big Lynn Lodge Ride July 2014

David “Brick” Brickner | North Carolina

bllr14_01Sixty one participants gathered in Little Switzerland at The Big Lynn Lodge for the fourth year. We managed to almost fill the entire property. They have 42 rooms, we filled 39. We have them all reserved for next year, so let’s fill’em all! The check in table was manned by Brick, Helga Turner, Jeff Turner and Howard Baumwell. They gave each participant an event t-shirt, a bag filled with local information provided by the McDowell County Chamber of Commerce and directed riders to the wide variety of planned route sheets.

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