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Brick Rides the Alps 2015 12 Hours to lift off

Well I’m all set boarding pass is printed I’ve check-in. Delta says I’m ready to fly! I know I am! Just went to bed and thought of two things I needed to do. One was to try to find where to post the “more” like I said in my first post. I did add a comment as I thought that’s where I continued the blog. Jay our WebMaster says no just do a new post. I guess I wonder how it is supposed to be linked to the first post? If anyone knows… well let me know. I might be able to check this during one of the waiting times that there is when flying.

I’m off to Munich!

Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift

Tosh Konya | Ohio

I bought a HF lift several years ago and it has made a lot of my maintenance tasks a lot easier. It has a drop out panel for the rear wheel removal which alone made it worth the price. I paid $299 and recently they raised the price to $319, but it’s still a bargain at that price.

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