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MR2 – Michigan Renegade Mountain Ride


By Ian Orr

The third annual weeklong MR2 event just wrapped up this past weekend and in short it was nigh on perfect, with glorious weather, fabulous roads and a blend of the truly unique people who belong to the Michigan chapter of the MSTA. Glorious weather is simply good timing with Mother Nature. Fabulous roads are just plate tectonics and some inspiration from the local department of transportation. Unique people are what truly matters and we had 45 unique personalities all coming together with a common mantra; ride, eat, sleep, repeat! Technophiles melded with technophobes, extroverts mixed with introverts and teetotalers had absolutely no effect on drinkers – when the bikes were parked liquid lubricants flowed freely. 45 people riding up to 250 miles per day for 4 to 5 days on some of the best and most technical roads in the U.S. would seem like an insurance company’s worst nightmare – surefire mayhem. But in spite of a large range of skill levels and a total riding distance exceeding 45,000 miles the two minor incidents that occurred came down to just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Despite of our best efforts only two high-performance riding awards were handed out and a single verbal warning for passing on the double yellows. Several riders burned through rear tires, requiring a last minute visit to a local bike shop for an expensive replacement tire.

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