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Dan Clark Safety Program

This is a reminder to get the most from your MSTA membership.  If you get a chance, be sure to give a big Thank You to Carl and Denise Wieman for taking on administration of the program as well as the Clark family for their generous yearly donation that makes the Dan Clark Safety Program possible.

Dan Clark Safety Program

1. The object of this program is to promote the use of “Motorcycle Safety Apparel” and “Rider Training” to MSTA members. Funding for this program will come from the “Dan Clark Safety Program”. 

2. Each year the MSTA Executive Committee (EC) will designate a maximum amount of funds available for disbursement to the program from the Dan Clark Fund. This amount can vary from year to year.

3. The program will run from January 1 to December 31 of each year and will be administered by the Safety Advancement Members and the MSTA V.P.

4. To be eligible, you must be a member when you purchase the item or service, and still be a member when the drawing is held. Send a copy of the dated receipt for eligible apparel or training to the Dan Clark Safety Fund (address below). A separate copy should be sent for each item. Eligible items from the calendar year will be entered into a drawing that will be held in February. The number of names drawn will be determined by the amount of available funds for that year. Members whose names are drawn will be reimbursed 50% of the cost of the eligible item: maximum of $100.00.

5. Names drawn in the program will be announced each year at STAR and the MSTA Treasurer will mail the recipients a reimbursement check.

6. Examples of eligible safety apparel: Full-faced helmets, full-fingered gloves, riding boots, riding suits, electric vests and jackets. Some eligible training courses: MSF Basic and Experienced Rider courses, Accident Scene Management, American Heart Association C.P.R. classes, Atlanta Motorcycle Schools, Lee Parks Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic, Red Cross First Aid, Reg Pridmore’s CLASS Riding Course.  Foam ear plugs with a maximum of $20.00.

 7. Examples of ineligible items: Track Days, headlight modulators, radios, GPS systems, throttle locks, publications, and cell phones. Tires are considered maintenance.  Comfort under garment clothing is not considered safety.  

 8. Decisions on what safety apparel and training are eligible will be made by the Safety Advancement Members and the EC. All decisions on eligibility are final.

9. Submissions must be received by January 31, for items purchased the preceding year. 10. Address:

Dan Clark Safety Fund c/o Carl & Denise Wieman 524 Glendale St. Owatonna, MN 55060

NHTSA Motorcycle Safety Priorities

Doug Westly | Safety Editor

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ultimately, the safety of motorcycle riders and their passengers is their own responsibility. Nothing presented in the column supersedes, negates or relieves a motorcyclist and/or passenger from assumption of personal responsibility for their actions and safety.

In June 2013, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) released its report on prioritized recommendations for improving motorcycle safety. There is a lot of information to digest in the report, and much of it is centered not on the motorcyclists themselves, but also on ancillary entities and factors that influence and/or are factors in motorcycle crashes. Full reference is provided below.

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