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MSTA Classifieds: A full featured classified ads system


We now have a full featured classified ads system on the MSTA website. Do you have motorcycle related items laying around the garage that you don’t use? Don’t throw it away, let someone else give it the love it deserves and make some cash to boot!

Ads will run for 30 days and can be renewed if your item does not sell. The system notifies you by email when someone inquires about your ad. You also have the ability to modify your ad if you need to change something after it is posted.

As a buyer, you can browse or search ads in several different ways. You can also inquire about ads through the classified ads system. This is a much more user friendly experience than posting ads in the forum.

The direct link to the classified ads section is: http://ridemsta.com/srblog/classifieds/. You can also get there by clicking on the classifieds link in the top menu bar at www.ridemsta.com. Let’s sell and buy some stuff!

Midland BT NeXt Multi Rider Intercom System

Nicky Zarras | Managing Editor

bt_next_01 One of the key needs of a rider, especially in a group ride, is communications. Riders give updates to directions, state hazards, handle accidents or motorcycle problems in the group by hand signals. But that is not as accurate or timely as the spoken voice. If someone in the back of the “line” has a problem it could be a while until the leader can address that problem. That is why group leaders have a “chase” position rider with a communication headset so the leader can keep track of the group. On a normal ride it is a great way to handle normal communications like points of interest, needed rest stops, or hey there is an outlet store I want to check out. Yes I am married.

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