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Go Puck 5x Power Shot Wearable Power

By Nick Zarras | Managing Editor

Go Puck™ is styled like a square puck that facilitates pocket, backpack or purse storage. It is a 6600mAh battery charger that weighs only 4 ounces. It comes with a dual USB output rated at 1 amp and 2 amps, a standard charging port and an on/off switch. It is FAA and TSA compliant and DOT tested. The uniqueness of this product is the small design with a ClamLock™ design active mount adapter with a center hole to mount it to a strap on your arm, camera harness, tripod and mount to your still camera, movie camera or GoPro. It comes with adapters for Apple, Micro or Mini USB and Sony. There are training videos on the website. The GOPUCK 5X MSRP IS $99.99 and an additional Active Mount is $19.99. The GO PUCK website is: gopuck.com, email sales@gopuck.com, phone (855) 440-7825.


Midland XTC 400 HD Wearable Video Camera

Nicky Zarras | Managing Editor

In the old days I used to use my old snap shot camera that had lower quality video and mounted it to a fabricated bracket on my VFR. It worked ok, but was not a platform that was steady or protected from the elements. One also had to go through the menu to set it up each time. With the advent of the adventure video cameras we now have the capability to place a camera wherever we wish and film not only in sunshine, but in rain and in underwater locations. On my scuba trips video cameras had to be in enormous and heavy mounts that were difficult to maneuver, especially in currents. Now adventure video/still cameras are small and easy to carry and use in all environments.

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