Texas Southeast Assistant State Director Leigh Anderson

Texas Southeast Assistant State Director Leigh Anderson

Nicky Zarras | Managing Editor

This column is to honor the State Directors whose drive and personality improves the quality of life of their state MSTA members.

STAReview magazine (SRM): What prompted you to join the MSTA
and how long have you been a member?
Answer: I joined in 2011 at the Texas Hill Country Rally. Friends invited me to the rally, and MSTA membership was a side benefit. Over the years I found I liked the MSTA people and events in my region.

SRM: Tell me about your first bike? What motorcycle do you ride to events now?
Answer: I’ve only been riding since 2009. First bike was a Yamaha XT-250 dual-sport. After running into a few trees, I decided I was really a road rider. I have put 65K miles on a BMW F 650 GS and have a new R 1200 GSW on order.

SRM: How long were you a member before you became a State Director and what prompted you to volunteer for the position?
Answer: I’m new to the job of assistant director. I’m retired and have some time and social media skills to help out.

SRM: What were your goals for your state once you became a State Director?
Answer: Basically, I just want to go ride motorcycles. And make good friends while I do it. I’m using my social media and web skills to help people connect.

SRM: What does it take to be a State Director in respect to time and effort?
Answer: Not much, at this point. I maintain an email list and Facebook page. I’m starting to organize a ride-to-eat program in my local region.

SRM: What do you find to be the best way the members can help the State Director?
Answer: As regional assistant director, I’m looking for ideas and energy for local rides and meet-ups.

SRM: What is one of your best memories as a State Director?
Answer: Too early to say.

SRM: What one recommendation can you make to MSTA members who are thinking of becoming a State Director, Assistant Director or Co-Director?
Answer: If you don’t do it, nobody will. The reward is meeting more great people and knowing you are making a difference.

All of us at STAReview and MSTA would like to thank Texas Southeast Assistant State Director Leigh Anderson and his fellow Texas MSTA member staff for all their efforts at making Texas a great place to ride.

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