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Ann Rednder | MSTA Vice PresidentAnn Redner | MSTA Vice President

Happy 2015! I hope all your core needs are met as we enter the New Year.

Something we need ASAP in the New Year is a Treasurer!

In addition to maintaining our club’s balance sheet, the Treasurer occupies a seat on the Executive Committee, lending a voice and a vote to the direction and leadership of our club.

Long-serving Treasurer, Tim Macy, has decided it’s time to step down from this role. Big thanks to Tim for his great stewardship of our finances and for his wise and grounded voice on the Executive Committee. He’ll definitely be missed on our regular conference calls!

During his tenure, Tim transformed the treasury into a system that’s nearly entirely automated. This allows him to hand off an organized, turnkey setup to the next Treasurer.

If you have accounting experience and a desire to be a voice in the leadership of the MSTA, you could be our next terrific Treasurer!

If you’re interested in being Treasurer or for more info, contact me today at: vicepresident@RideMSTA.com or (248) 375-2146!

See you on the road

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