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Who is attending STAR 2016?

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I and Chris Jernigan are riding to STAR from Western NC.

My wife Patricia and her service dog Trent are flying into Albany, NY on Sunday. She will be renting a car for the event.

Chris's girl friend, Janet is also flying in I don't know his/her plans.

Oh yea, and I'm winning this year's bike raffle bike! So there! Take that!

Last year's STAR is the only one I missed since 1992.

Hope to see ALL Y'all there!

I am looking forward to it!

Where's Albany NC? -JEP-  ???


--- Quote from: RIDEMYST on February 01, 2016, 05:21:08 PM ---Where's Albany NC? -JEP-  ???

--- End quote ---

Seems like if she was going to fly there she would just drive up from home :o

I'm in for Star though.

NC is Brickner for New York


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