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--- Quote from: Larry Fine on January 28, 2021, 08:02:18 PM ---My man-cave is my home theater. 10' diag. image, 7.2-channel, 2200 watts:

--- End quote ---

Well you clearly out watt me by a factor of 3, but still, I don't feel near as old when I see that others also still have a working VCR and cassette deck.  :)

Larry Fine:
Did you miss the laser-disc player?  ;)

I have actually upgraded a couple of things since the pics were taken. The B&K preamp/processor was replaced by a Fosgate FAP-T1+. Is that a beautiful back panel or what?!


I still have a VCR, its actually a VCR/DVD combo deck with copying capability, was great way to save some old family videos before the tape quality degrades, or I no longer have a VCR. Most of my stereo equipment is in mothballs these days, may get something new for the home office that can do bluetooth, but it won't be top of the line equipment like that, more likely Sony which has rarely disappointed me.


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