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--- Quote from: Brick on August 02, 2016, 02:03:49 pm ---I too would like to hear how the Grom winner is enjoying it. I would have sold it. I'm just saying.

Let's Ride!

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Not sure why you would do that. Have you ridden one of these small bikes? The physical size isn't as small as you might think and they are fun to ride. I ride my z125 more often than my v-strom.

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I read a review of the Z125 today in Motorcyclist magazine, and they were VERY complimentary of it. I can understand why you would like it.
I recently purchased a 1975 Yamaha RD125. It's a 2-smoke, er stroke, and it'll run nicely up to about 55mph. But to go anything over that, you pretty much have to have a nice downhill grade. The article I mentioned said the Z125 would hit 62. I've seen 62 once on the RD125, but only once and it was on a good down grade. Of course there's the issue of 40 years of technology, but the "Z" sounds like a winner.

Still haven't heard who won the Grom?? How about a picture of the Grom , and it's new owner? Does the winner want to sell it? Syd :)

Bob Sheilds Florida member won the Grom! -JEP-

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I would love to have a Grom!!  They even have a class for them in the Central Motorcycle Racing Association ... it's a HOOT!!  Probably one of the most popular classes and the grid just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  It's very, very competitive.


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