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Although not an MSTA event or not even a JFF Gathering, some MSTA members participated in an fun gathering with other riders at Staunton, VA last weekend. There were some street riders and there were some DS riders. It was an excellent weekend with good weather and superb riding. I rode dual sport of course but by all reports the street riders had a ball too.

For those interested, here's a short video from helmet cam footage of our dual sporting. We rode about 180 miles on both Friday and Saturday so there was lots more than this but fellow rider, Dominic Villecco did a great job of capturing the essence of our weekend in his short video. It was good!

Link to Staunton 2017

Fun video, but man that looks like a lot of work!  Wet in places too.  Glad you guys had fun though and had good weather.

Tom S:
Yes, great video!  When you guys get tired of rocky jeep trails come on down to Memphis and we will show you some great single track Delta, old growth rain forest riding.  Hey! Might just make a good Just for Fun Ride!

BTW, what size KTM and Husky's were those?


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