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What is your favorite farkle?

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Garage: The heater in the winter so I can continue to be in the basement. The rest of the year... the pads on the floor so that my knees don’t hurt too bad after being on that hard concrete.

2014 Super Tenere ES: I had the ECU reflashed... it changed the bike completely! It had some on/off throttle abruptness... no more and it made a huge difference between Touring mode and Sport mode!

2015 FJ-09: Cogent Dymamics shock and the work they did to the Forks. So much of an improvement!

1999 SV650: Sargent Seat! Great improvement!


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For the bike:
GPS - I use it all the time.

For the garage:
I would say my bike lift.....makes things much easier to work on.

My 2-cents! -JEP- :)

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For the garage: I wish I had a garage, but only a shed. Battery tender so the bike starts after winter.

For the bike(s): BMW F800GT (2016 Raffle Bike) Panniers just bought. First real use will be going to STAR 2018.
                         '01 VFR - Givi top case, can go where I want and take what I need for a day or a weekend.   

OH cool...responses. Great!...OK, now I'll get greedy..

Pictures would be great as well, no not for mundane things like my Air Hawk seat, but photos to go with the quotes below as an example:

--- Quote from: Patmo on April 16, 2018, 07:33:19 am many framed posters and pictures.  Brightens it up and makes it look like more than just a “garage”.

--- End quote ---
go over here: and you soon find out that there is no such thing as "just a garage"  ;D
so much activity on that forum that it is almost impossible to keep up with it all.

--- Quote from: NinjaBob on April 16, 2018, 09:09:35 am --- NoMar tire changer in the garage.

--- End quote ---
Bob, do these break down (disassemble for storage) like the HF ones do or is yours always out?
Ok, another one of mine.
Honda Trail 90 (w/125 clone chineesium Lifan engine): Top Box made from Igloo cooler. I cut a hole in the bottom of the Igloo so the vertical part of the rack would fit in it and then slide forward to lock it into position. I also made a block that goes up and down to release it but only if the lid is open. Reinforced the bottom with inside the cooler plywood top and bottom and put a steel rod across for the lid hinge to replace the easily defeatable plastic dimple and nub hinge it came with. It really is a handy addition and I like it much better than soft saddlebags.


Garage: None.  I'd love the Skylift Pro Package from the ABBA Stands USA site!

VFR800: Although Rick Mayer is out of business, I appreciate his seat every time I go out.


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