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Certain parts of the forum are all BOLD type and some aren't, probably a good reason for that but I'm too obtuse to see it. Is there a reason?
Also, the Join MSTA section links are broken (at least for me) and I think the prices need updating? (or did they go back down again?  ???)

On that “join the MSTA” link that you have posted here....that is a link to a THREAD that is 4 years old. 

It is NOT the link to the Membership Registration and Join location.  That can be found at the TOP of the forum where it says “Join MSTA”.   Not only will that link take you to where all of the various Membership levels are explained and their prices given, it will also allow you to fill out your membership application/renewal.

As far as what is BOLD and what is not...I’ll let Bob answer that.  I think I know the answer, but since I’m not the website coordinator I don’t want to give you a wrong answer.


--- Quote from: Patmo on April 25, 2018, 03:18:37 pm ---On that “join the MSTA” link that you have posted here....that is a link to a THREAD that is 4 years old. 

--- End quote ---

Right you are, I just saw the first post and thought it was a locked info thread, now (after you kindly pointed it out) I see the rest of the posts, and embarrassingly enough one of my own there.  :-[

I just ran across it when I was hopping around the forum trying to find a pattern to the BOLD type, and added it to my question.  The bold type isn't that important, I was just curious about it.

Thanks Patmo!

Pat, if you have a clue about the bold type pm me because I don't have an answer. Noticed it recently but been to busy to investigate. It isn't anything I did, at least not intentionally.

It generally happens when someone deletes the closing argument to the BOLD type font. Anything after this should appear in bold type, including posts after this one, at least until someone uses the bold argument again and it includes the closing bold argument.


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