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--- Quote from: Brick on July 15, 2018, 05:15:33 PM ---I remember from years ago that there were obviously many members who never attended any event but maintained a membership. I still don’t understand that.

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I was a member from 2007 to 2011 and didn't even own a bike where I resided at that time. I became a member going to  MPFB in 2007 with my brother Steve and had such a great time, I figured this group was for me. I continued my membership for the benefits of the forum, the magazine, an occasional hotel discount and just knowing I could attend an event if time and the availability of a spare bike came along. Since getting my VFR in 2011 and then the BMW Raffle bike in 2016, I've attended as many events as I can (usually no  more than 2-3 a year), but wish it had been many more. I'll keep my membership active and continue to support the club and attend as many events as I can - and some day when I join that great club "retired", I'll go to even more. :)

Well, I fit that long time member category, and not attending events.  Joined HSTA/MSTA in 2002 and attended our first event, STAR 2015 in Ark, then was busy again busy in 2016, but made time for 2017 in Col. Springs.  And this year, even after all the hard work, wondered why we had not made time for the other years.

All those years made for an expensive STAReview, but we enjoyed it.  Until last year, I think that was the first year that I joined for more than one year at a time, and Denise as MOH each year also.  Think how much we would have saved it we had joined as LifeTime member years ago.  But, HEY, the money went for a good club.


@Brick.  For some of us, life just happens.  I attended the 2013 BS Rally and the 2015 STAR Rally.  Since then, I've had a career upset that has limited my vacation time and my ability to allocate time to events.

I understand ALL of those reasons and more.   I guess I was also referring to those who had not attended ANY HSTA/MSTA event. Not just STAR.

Just another note... and remember this is how I feel and I do not think others need to feel or do this. It’s just my .02 worth.
After the first couple of years as a member I decided I wanted to “support” the club that I loved. So at renewal time I decided to re-join as a Sustaining member. One year at a time. Yes I got/get a few benefits from sustaining member BUT I feel it’s MOST financially beneficial to the club. Just a small way to donate to the club.


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Dan Igoe suggested that I include STAR attendance compared to membership numbers, so that has been added to the chart. Note 2018 uses 2017 numbers since 2018 is not over yet.

We should just do East and West STAR's and not go back to Vermont  ;D


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