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Avon tire special


Just saw this today, don't know how long it lasts....

Motorcycle Superstore has the Avon 3D UltraSport tires for an unbelieveable price.  I just ordered a set in the sizes 1207017/1805517.  The cost was 137.00, including tax...FREE shipping. Other rear sizes are avaliable at the same price.  Worth checking out IMO, very highly rated tires by many.

Pat M

A set of motorcycle tires for under $150, that is unheard of. I've used Avon's once, and if I didn't already have sets of new tires waiting for 2 of my 3 bikes I might order a set.
Now this is one where Woovis' "too good to be true" comment might apply.
PS  I just went through their site and added a set like Pat bought to my cart and confirm the low price, mine actually came to $129.99 (F=56, R=73.99).


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