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Picked up my new 2014 ES Super Tenere

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Yup 59.2 miles ago I picked up my 2014 Yamaha Super Tenere ES. Yes I still have my 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere. It now has over 64,000 miles and well the new Tenere has the electronically adjustable suspension and many more updates. It is cool!
Now to transfer as many accessories from the 2012 to the 2014ES.
This is a photo of me as I'm rolling it out of the dealer's showroom. It was rainy and drizzling the same as it was when I picked up the 2012 Tenere.

Awesome. Let us know if the upgrade is worth it. I suspect it is...

What is your feel for the old vs the new? -JEP-

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Congrats on the new ride Brick!!!!! I guess you must like the Super Tenere if you bought a second one.
Enjoy and be careful...

I like the new one.....let us know how much it has changed...... :)


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