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I ride a Kawasaki '12 ZG1400 Concours and just found this site.  It's always good to have multiple sources of information - looking forward to meeting some new to me riders here. Plenty of great sport touring riding here in the Rockies.

Welcome.  I've heard that the riding in the Denver area is terrific, but have yet to get out there myself.  Our club has held it's national Avon several times, and it's always been a popular destination.

(on a negative note though, SNOW and temps in the THIRTY'S today outside of Denver?  Going to be in the 80's here in NKY today and all week... :) .  Think I'll go riding!  LOL)

Those Connie's sure are popular bikes.  I've still got an original 86 model, but I don't use it much anymore I must admit.  I'm tending to ride smaller and lighter bikes anymore, but I still do like it and doubt I'll ever get rid of it.  Great all round bikes.

Thanks for joining, don't be a stranger!

Pat M.

Welcome Denver. Lots of folks on this site riding Connies.
Check out the event schedule and come join us. -JEP-

Thanks for the welcomes.  Yeah - what's the deal with the snow in Denver today?  I lost 1/3 of a tree in my backyard - just snapped right off.  And t does not look like tomorrow will really be any better - freezing overnight and icy roads in the morning.  When will it end?   >:(

I'm doing a couple of COG rallies this year - Prescott AZ at the end of the month and Graeagle CA in the fall.  I wouldn't mind hitting up some other rallies if I can squeeze them in. I'll watch the events pages.  Looks like CO is in the Central region for this board. 

It sounds like from just a few of the posts I have read that this board is making a fresh start?  Looks like no one really has a large post count, so is this a new board for an old forum?  Or was there some kind of reset?  Either way - it will be good to keep in touch with other sport-touring riders.  :)

Re: board history

This is the 3rd? 4th?..I don't know...different system used to support the MSTA web-site and forum.  There have been problems in the past with some of the systems used....crashes, slow speed, hacking....but THIS one seems to be working well.  Our club presence on the Internet was limited to a  listserv for sometime.  A few short years ago, it was decided to expand the presence in hopes of reaching more potential new members, and in hopes of increasing communication among current members.  Jon Campbell has been the driving force and main man behind all these changes and improvements.  I would guess that less than 1/2 of our current membership actually uses this site, but we will continue to try to increase that number.

As an OPEN membership is not necessary to gain access to much of the site, and we welcome all interested parties to access and use the site on a regular basis.  We do hope that all will become full members.....the financial benefits alone more than make up for the small cost of the yearly dues....and enjoy the companionship and fun that has been so much a part of the experience that most of us have enjoyed for many many years of membership.  ( I've been a member for 14 years.....this is the ONLY club I belong to )


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