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Registration for STAR 2020 is now open

I’m registered and have a room.

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Same as last year Brick, Thanks for the warning!!   LOL
But fair is fair, I'm as good as registered myself.  Can't wait.  TM

Just to let everyone know, King bed rooms are filling up.  Still plenty of double Queens.  We got one of the last Kings today.  They said there is 50-60 rooms already booked for our group.

We will see you when the Minnesota snow melts.

Iguana Joe:
i am registered for STAR, but Anita will not be able to join me this time, I have not yet booked a room, and was wondering if anyone needed a roommate ? Non Smoker, Non Drinker, Snores Quietly if at all. I will probably be booking a room shortly (by end of Feb) unless I hear from someone beforehand.

Iggy Joe


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