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First time here


I'm from Central NY. This is my first time at this site.
Just wondering if there are any other riders in Central NY.
I ride a 2012 BMW 650 GS

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Cool bike... looks like you travel.


I am not currently located in central NY, but I was born there, and lived there for my first 10 years....where exactly are you located?  I know we did at one time have some members from the area around Syracuse and a bit south, but not sure we do now?

Welcome aboard! Nice set up you have on your bike. Send me a PM and I can set you up with the NJ State Director if that geographically works for you. -JEP-

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From the pic, your bike looks like a late model F650GS twin. I'm getting ready to take my '07 F650GS thumper to Alaska in about 3 weeks following our national rally in Rapid City, SD.

I'm located in Knoxville, TN and am within low single digit hours of northern Georgia, western North Carolina, southeast Virginia, southeastern Kentucky, and in the middle of eastern Tennessee. I don't see it getting any better than that anywhere. If you're anywhere near the area, drop me a line.


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