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Larry Fine:
Hey, all. I just recently discovered and joined.

Looking for other central-Virginians to ride to events with.

Hi Larry - I believe we spoke over on Facebook. Glad to see you here on the forum. If you have joined MSTA be sure to apply for member status on this forum as it will open up more info to you like "Member Benefits" which can save you $$'s on travel and gear. Also take a look at the Dan Clark Fund which can pay you back a percentage for certain gear or classes related to riding. -JEP-

Larry Fine:
Thanx. I never received the follow-up email I was told I would get.

Larry, If I remember correctly you had already registered on the forum when I got confirmation of your MSTA member status. Usually I register new MSTA members on the forum  and an email is generated with a temporary password. In your case I just upgraded your forum status to MSTA member and no email was generated. Welcome aboard! :trink39:

Larry Fine:
That's correct. Will I receive a member number?


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