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Update on STAR rooms availability

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Larry Fine:
Sunday bump.

Larry Fine:
Update: We have secured a 3-br cabin, with three of us humans so far. We can hold a couple more, sharing a two-twin-bed room, but if we get another rider interested soon, we can see if a 4br cottage is still available. It will cost less per person.

Larry Fine:
New update: We managed to get a great deal on an upgrade to a 4-bedroom cottage, and, as of now, we have all four rooms spoken for. The other two guys seem to prioritize privacy over cost, as do I, and the fourth is a couple, so we probably won't end up with two in any other rooms, but we all know how things can change.

The lodge is sold out for this event, but there are still a few cabins open as of this morning. If you're interested in attending, let me know, and I'll send you the name and number of the right guy to talk to there. The desk people mistakenly told me there were no more cabins available.

By the way, the couple will be riding up from Texas, and asked me about good riding roads approaching Canaan from that direction. Do any of you have any suggestions I can forward to them? It seems to me that the Google maps route would be great, coming through Elkins.

Hey Larry,

I'll take one of the rooms if still available for June 14th through the 17th (3 nights).  I got a 3BR cabin for my family for the first part, but no rooms at the Inn for the rest.  Let me know.  My Cell is 201-312-5050.

Larry Fine:
I don't want to speak for everyone in my cabin, but we're likely to have room, even in the screened-in porch if nobody wants to share a room. Also, this was posted on FB a day or two ago:

Had a buddy cancel today, now looking for a 4th person to share a 4 bedroom cottage...please PM me if interested...check in Sunday, check out Thursday morning


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