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Yeeha Stephen:
First-timer... so tell me.
Where is registration? At the lodge?
Registration hours? Saturday or Sunday?
GPS suggested routes. Main page info says "When you get there and get registered you will be able to download into your GPS several suggested self-guided routes..."
Uhhh... I'm already signed up, why can't I have this info before I leave the house. Are they a Secret? I'm camping and planned on bringing only the bare minimum, so I won't be bringing any download/upload equip or computers.
I've seen a couple of routes posted on maps on Facebook but they are not downloadable. Gotta plot them on my own by trying to study the map?
I love Parking Lot Socials, do the earlybirds flock together on Saturday as they arrive?
Remember I'll have to shuffle back and forth to/from the campgound to cathc all that's going on at the lodge.

Registration will be at the lodge and will be available during the day on both Saturday and Sunday excluding meal breaks. After that, it will be available on a very limited basis to accommodate any "late" arrivals. It's about an even split between those arriving on Saturday and Sunday.

Keep checking here on the forum for access to GPS route downloads. They should be available before you head to W.V. We also have volunteers who can help you load your GPS with the routes once you get there. I like to have that all done before my arrival, but it will be easily accomplished if it doesn't happen until you get there. It may be helpful to have the cord to connect to your specific model, but that's probably all you will need. I generally have my computer at registration and there will be other folks scattered around to assist with that.

The first "official" gathering will be a "welcome" on Sunday evening. Prior to that, it's all informal hanging out. If there are other campers, naturally, that may be your base group. There will be much hanging and lounging around the lodge as that's where the majority of the attendees will be staying. I'm with you on the informal "parking lot socials". To me, they ARE the event. As a "rookie, you may not know anyone upon your arrival. Hopefully that will have changed by the end of the event.
My first event was STAR in Helen, GA in 1993. I was rooming by myself as I knew no one prior to my arrival. I rode by myself initially. But by the end of the event, I'd made several new friends and was starting to identify folks that rode a similar pace to my own (I put a huge value on that). Internally, I felt like a huge wall flower and was intimidated by not knowing anyone in the group. But even a wall flower like me found someone with whom to talk. I have camped at several events (still do on occasion), and recall some great evenings sitting around a campfire.

Here's hoping you have a great experience at your first STAR!

People will be hanging out/socializing in the parking lots, in front of the hotel entrance/in the lobby/ in the bar/ in the restaurant / out back around the fire pits/ everywhere.  We ARE the guests that week.  We taken every available room in the Inn. 

As far as the routes....they are still being finalized and massaged.  Expect a link to them to be posted sometime soon (we’ve still got 6 weeks before it starts), and it will be shared here and elsewhere.  We will probably also email it to all already registered attendees. 

If you haven’t already registered online...PLEASE DO!  It really helps us to plan activities and have the proper amount of supplies, etc, if we have a good count BEFORE the event begins.  It also helps us to get people through the registration/welcome process quickly and with the least amount of time and hassle for all.

There will be boards put up in the lobby area that have maps of the routes posted to them, along with suggested gas/food/attraction stops along them.  Near them we will set up a station where GPS downloading will be available at selected times.  There will also be clipboards with signup sheets where you can signup to lead a small ride group, or join a small ride group that someone else has started.  If you’re comfortable leading a small group, please volunteer to lead one on at least 1 day of the event.  If you’re looking to meet people to ride with, this is a great way to do that....either lead or join.

We got many people staying in cabins or camping so, there will be lots of opportunities to meet other members there too.

I’ll just add one more thing...

This is a 100% VOLUNTEER event and club.  The more people that volunteer, the less that any ONE person has to do.  PLEASE VOLUNTEER to help in some way.  It not only is  a way to help others it is a great way to MEET other members.

There will be a volunteer signup sheet at registration, but if you want to get signup to volunteer NOW...please just let someone know (like me).  We will get you set up.  Even just an hour sometime during the event will help a lot!

Yeeha Stephen:
"Technically" (as in a looong time ago) this is not my first event. I went to a couple of the HSTA River Run rides down in Big Bend back in the day. But this is a bigger to-do than those days.
Not shy, and I look forward to learning many new names so I can turn around and forget just a few minutes later.  ::)



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