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Let's Hear Some Chatter Out There!

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Yeeha Stephen:
"We need a pitcher not a drink of water!"

"Hey batter, batter, batter.... Swing! Batt.... Err... Vroom! Batter!


Yeeha Stephen:
The Final Countdown is on!

T - Minus 5 days and counting!


One of my buddies called to get a room for FRIDAY and was told they are full up for that night, so I expect A LOT of folks to be coming in on that day.

I asked our local Northeast Ohio group "anybody else going" and heard back from a few people so that's a good sign. I think their arrivals were spread out, with some not coming until after Sunday.

I'll be arriving Saturday, probably mid afternoon, depends on how long we take to visit Flight 93 Memorial that morning. '

Now some chatter
we need a pitcher...not a mommy snitcher....

I'll be blown' in some time in the afternoon (Sat.) depending on what me and the last man standing find along the way. Keep ridin' safe everyone so we can keep on doing this!! 

This is the ol' left hander rounding third and heading for home (STAR).
good night everyone.


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