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--- Quote from: Falcofred on June 18, 2021, 07:44:53 am ---Just wanted to say that I had a great time, great people, great location, great riding, great routes, great accommodations. I hadn't been to a STAR in some time, not sure why. I really enjoyed catching up with folks I hadn't seen in a while and meeting new people.
Special thanks to all who assisted with my dead battery situation, no less than 5 guys with either a battery tender or jump start packs within minutes of me discovering my battery was dead.

I will see some of you at Mail Pouch Flyby week, until then ride safe.

John Friedrichs aka Falcofred

--- End quote ---
People in this club are always ready to help out, I remember one year I had just bought a leatherman tool and had it in my tankbag. One rider had a tip over that bent a luggage mounting tab. Anybody have pliers he asked in the hotel parking lot, BANG there you go.

One of our local riders had a mechanical issue, and somebody heading near his home with a spot on a trailer offered to give him a lift.


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