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Chris and I will arrive Saturday afternoon.

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Larry Fine:
I expect to arrive on Sunday, coming from OH-STOC at Shawnee State Park.

I'll be arriving Saturday :)

Like Larry I'm coming from Shawnee State Park in Ohio but need to stop at home first.  Does anyone know what time the Sunday evening event is?  Hope to get there in time for it.

John G.

We are leaving Thursday morning from Owatonna, MN and arrive Friday, taking our time along the way.  I hope Pat is in charge of the weather and keeps the temp in the 60-70's as predicted, but get rid of the predicted rain showers on Friday and Sunday.  The it will be perfect weather for STAR.

We have had record upper 90's since last week and for many more days.
See you'all soon.  Have a good trip!


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