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12/26/21 and it’s 72 degrees in WNC!


Amazing that our weather is sooo nice! So we had to ride. 5 of us Morganton, NC riders met at the Gate gas station at 9:30AM. Apparently we had a rain shower move through around 4:00AM so the roads were wet. We knew it would be cooler than the 72 degrees predicted for Morganton up on the mountain. But we couldn’t resist. It ended up being 58 to 65 degrees up there. Great days ride with lots of curves and even some gravel roads! Ended up with 176 miles. The app doesn’t show as many miles because I forgot to hit resume after lunch. That’s the straight line in the route.
Check it out. https://www.relive.cc/view/v1Ow3BrgJEO

Fun… all 5 BMW GS’s.

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Thanks for sharing that Brick. I too got out for a little spin yesterday. It wasn't much but it was 68 here in SW OH and it felt good to ride. TM

Got out both yesterday and today and took advantage of the record setting temps.  Pretty windy today, and some of the roads were wet, but no real problems.  Will be raining tomorrow and I’m heading to Dallas on Wednesday, so those will be my last rides this year.  Been a good year though and these last few days really top of off.


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