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I got home late Saturday from a 10 day trip that included Tri-STAR then a few days riding around Deal's Gap area. Then 2 more to get home. The event was fun, glad to see some familiar places and enjoyed having Geoffrey join my brother Richard and I for a ride. It was the first time in a while I did the Indian Valley loop, some parts seemed familiar others seemed totally different. Also had a fun loop ride to Burke's Garden, had not been there in some time and never did a full loop around the inside. Wasn't sure about the sandwich places everybody talked about, looked really crowded so we ended up at a place in Tazewell named The Front Porch on Main. One thing I noticed on this trip, some of the restaurants we ate at which were newly re-opened or remodeled seemed to be a bit more upscale with higher prices and finer foods. Which was fine as we mostly did light breakfast in our hotel rooms before heading out.

The redone overlook on VA16 at Hungry Mother is pretty nice, bigger area to park, some new historical markers, even a picnic table and a trash can.


--- Quote from: Patmo on June 02, 2022, 05:15:58 PM ---Hey everyone….post your pictures up on the MSTA Smugmug site…….there’s a link for uploading pictures in the Members Only section.

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This is the thread on the forum that contains the links for posting photos for the various events

(I am not posting the actual smugmug link since those are for members only)


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