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Camping near STAR?

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We are planning on attending STAR. Anybody have suggestions on a campground near the rally? We would be pulling a small camper behind our Goldwing.

We prefer state or federal campgrounds as opposed to RV Park(ing) lots.

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The nearest camping...

Melton Hill Dam (federal)

The Crosseyed Cricket (commercial)

Soaring Eagle Campground (commercial)

They are each about 17-18 miles (mostly on I-40) west of the rally site. Traffic is heavy around the rally site and as far is the I-40/I-75 split, but thins out somewhat after that.


30-35 miles away you'll find a couple of state parks located north of Knoxville. The commute would have significant miles on I-75, but you'd be coming through Knoxville and its traffic.

Norris Dam State Park

Big Ridge State Park

One more state park
Frozen Head State Park
It's only a little further than the other state parks but in a different direction. The commute would be significant.

Thank you.

I had booked a spot at the Norris Dam SP right after I posted this question.

Now based on your post the Melton Hill Dam campground looks better.

I may change my reservation.

Again, Thank you!

No offense to the host hotel, but I've stayed in 100s if not 1,000s of Holiday Inns while traveling for work. I prefer to do something different while on vacation.

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Reservations made at Melton Hill Dam. :trink39: Who wants to camp? Lots of tent sites are available.

If I were coming from out of town, I'd be tempted to camp there myself (I normally tent camp). Living only 20 miles from the rally site, I'll be commuting. Alas, I live on the north side of Knoxville, so I'll have the same traffic I would were I staying at Big Ridge or Norris Dam SP.

Rush hour traffic means different things to everyone. It's really not all that terrible in Knoxville compared to bigger cities.

Yeah...Melton Hill is still the closest and easiest place to camp I suspect. Weekends may be pretty busy there, but with a reservation, it shouldn't be a problem. Sunday night the crowds will disappear (true for State Parks as well), and it will be even more pleasant.


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