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Do you hoard stuff for your motorcycles?


I am curious if this happens to others also or if I’m just an oddball as usual…I got my traveling bike a couple of years ago. The factory seat was very comfortable but they offered tall and low gel seats. I ordered a tall gel seat. It took a few months to come in. While I was waiting I found a used low gel seat for sale. I bought it. My rationale is my bike is tall and my son isn’t as tall as me so he might like the low seat on it when he is in town and might want to ride it( usually only a few days around Christmas as he is in the military). Then I found another used low gel seat for sale extremely cheaply so I bought it thinking I could use it as a base for a custom seat. Then I found a used custom seat made in Australia…yep, bought that one too and it turned out to be my favorite. So I have 4 seats boxed up upstairs in the closet.

Next, luggage…my bike came with some midsize Givi hard saddlebags. They aren’t big enough for a full face helmet. So I got a larger set of Kappa bags for trips. Then I found a really cheap,  small set of Givi bags that I thought would be nice to leave on the bike for just running around when I don’t expect to need to carry much. So 2 sets of hard bags upstairs.

Trunks….I have 2 sizes I can choose from. Over the years I’ve bought a few Krauser K4 and K5 bags that I’ve used as trunks and or saddlebags on other bikes so, yep there are some upstairs also.

Both of my bikes have Givi Tanklock tankbag mounts. Of course the tanks have vastly different shapes with the fuel openings more towards opposite ends of the tank so most tank bags do not interchange well between the 2 bikes. So I currently have 5 assorted Givi and Kappa Tanklock tank bags.

So, is this psychological affliction common or do I need professional help?

You are not alone!   LOL   A difficult thing to say is: sometimes I have too many bikes. Of course you have to tailor each one to you as no bike is perfect or just the way you like it. I'm my own worst enemy in that department. Then when you change bikes which happens often, you have "stuff" leftover. that didn't go with the bike. I have both Candy Red and Wineberry body panels for my ST11 for example. Wouldn't THAT look fun?
Somethings gotta go.  TM

I must admit that I have some parts in my basement that fits bikes that were sold years ago.  Nothing like what you have though. Mostly just leftover oil filters, spark plugs, a stock seat or two, a few engine parts, etc.  But what I do have too much of is in the way of navigation and communication devices, and riding gear. Lots and lots of riding gear and old helmets that are just taking up space. The other thing that I did have, and finally gave away a couple of years ago, was motorcycle posters.  I probably had upwards of 500 posters at one time. I collected them every year for many years at the Mid-Ohio AMA supervise weekend and the Vintage Motorcycle Days. Brought them home and stored them in cardboard tubes.  Many were signed by the riders. They didn’t take up a lot of room that way. But I gave many away to some young kids looking for garage art. I did keep some of my favorites and still have them.  I’ve also collected motorcycle toys for many years and have a complete cabinet of them.

I building a legacy for my kids to remember (and curse) me by after I’m gone. 😁

And how do you plead Mr. Greene?


Guilty here as well.  I find it tedious to sell stuff on ebay and ship it.  You never have the boxes you need.  Btw...  I have a couple of Hepco Becker Journey hard bags that I need to get rid of.  Post me off list if interested.  I can them bring to Star. 


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