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Needed:Membership Data Base Manager!


Friends, we need your help!

Don Moe, the current membership data base manger, has informed the EC that he will be stepping away from his position, and his membership in the club, as of January of 2024. He has stopped riding and is planning to sell his bikes. He has very capably managed this position for the last 7 years and feels that it is time for someone else to take it over. He is very willing to train his replacement, no matter where they live. The club has provided him with a computer that is used exclusively for the membership database, so you don’t have to use your own. The needed software is all loaded and up to date on that computer.

Please contact anyone on the EC, if you are interested in this opportunity to help the club. (Ec@ridemsta.Com)

Please, someone step up. We literally can’t have a club if we don’t have someone in this position!


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